VAPAUS was founded by brothers Oliver and Rudi Laing out of a lifelong love of watches and a desire to create a legacy of magnificent timepieces.


VAPAUS design is inspired by the stunning watches of the 1940-1950s, with their textured yet minimal dials, domed crystals, slim profiles, polished metal and beautifully engineered movements. Our vision is to gently modernise this elegant aesthetic with the latest materials and movements, to create strikingly beautiful timepieces.


Company News:


The VAPAUS Veli was produced in a limited run of just 260 watches.  Some models are now entirely sold out, with extremely limited stock of the other models remaining. Being a small independent watchmaker can be challenging. Due to the minimum order volumes required for economically viable production, it's unlikely that another run of Velis will be produced in 2017.


On a more personal note, the excitement in the journey of VAPAUS is in the realisation of the watches of our dreams as horological aficionados. Therefore the next VAPAUS watches will be new designs. We have recently been sharing renders of our next watch, the VORCUT, to get design feedback from our existing customers, many of whom are watch experts. Please join our mailing list here, and our private Facebook group (the VAPAUS Watch Club) if you would like to be part of the design process and see renders of the evolving watch.


The VAPAUS guarantee:

As watch lovers we know how important quality and service is to a watch aficionado. Therefore all of our watches come with a two year guarantee and our promise to service the watches throughout the life of the company.